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Africa is one of the five participant subcamps, which will be home to around 1000 participants from across the globe. Their dedicated subcamp team will be on hand with all the important information you will need before and during the Jamboree, and will act as your first port of call during the camp. 

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Subcamp Leader: Katie McCreadie 

KIJ 2017 will be my second KIJ and forth-International Jamboree. If you were a young Scout in 2009 you may remember me as the pink haired Subcamp leader for 'Knowledge' and I'm really excited to be returning to a bigger and better KIJ in 2017. All the scouts in my troop that have attended past KIJ's have loved every second and really enjoy the international aspect of such an exciting camp. This year we are truly embracing the 'international' in KIJ and, together with some old and some new sub-camp team members I am really looking forward to sharing the adventure with you.


Meet the Africa Subcamp Team...


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