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Eurasia is the Staff Subcamp, where all of the Volunteer Adults and Leaders from across the world will rest their heads at night! This will also be the hub for Adult Entertainment. The dedicated staff subcamp team will be on hand to help with any issues on the subcamp and provide you with useful information!

Check back soon to find out how you can follow all the latest on Eurasia Subcamp!

The Crooked Staff, Adult Chill Out Area
Saturday 29th  July – DJ
After the fantastic opening ceremony, the resident DJ will playing everyone’s favourite tunes! Join us for a song and dance
Sunday 30th  July – The Jiggawatts
The first live band of the week to keep you entertained throughout the evening. Join us for a jig and jive!
Monday 31st  July – Quiz
Who are the cleverest adults at KIJ 2017? Join us for the quiz to find out! Could it be you? This was incredibly popular at KIJ 2013 so come down early to guarantee you’re part of it!
Tuesday 1st  August – Karaoke
So we’ve found cleverest, but who’s got the X Factor? Join us for what promises to be a highly entertaining evening!
Wednesday 2nd  August – Charity Evening
Thursday 3rd  August – Silent Disco
Don some headphones and party likes it’s 1999! There’ll be three DJs all competing for you to select their channel. For those who’ve never been to a silent disco before, please join us and find out what all the fuss is about!
Friday 4th  August – DJ
The resident DJ will return with more cheesy tunes after the closing ceremony
Saturday 5th  August – Staff Party with Funk2K
The staff party is a time for everyone to relax and reflect after a truly amazing week. The second live band of the week, Funk2K, will play whilst you tuck into the buffet and enjoy a well deserved drink.



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